Quality policy

AXENT has a cast-iron commitment to a quality management system focused on customer service and continuous improvement. This system is integrated into the systematic management of all the company’s processes, building initiatives that include the perceptions and needs of all stakeholders, all under the prism of an eminently ethical approach, with the scrupulous integration of legal regulations, internal regulations or any other requirement that affects it in its context.

Environmental policy

The battle for conservation and to stop the degradation of the environment must be one of the priority objectives of everyone participating in the business and market ecosystem, promoting and consolidating environmental awareness as part of the corporate objective of companies. Thus, at AXENT, environmental management is integrated into its strategy, applying environmental protection and improvement criteria in all its processes, promoting respect for the environment among all its employees, as well as among its customers, suppliers and partners.

Social, health and safety policy

People are the company’s most important asset and, therefore, the Management is committed to a preventive policy based on a global, integrated and participative model. The life, physical integrity and health of workers, customers, suppliers and partners are rights whose protection is a priority for the entire AXENT team, promoting safe conduct in all processes, identifying, evaluating and managing the risks derived from their activity, as well as the associated preventive measures and providing them with the appropriate training/information on preventive matters.

Code of conduct for customers, suppliers and partners

All members of AXENT are obliged to comply with any applicable regulations, whatever the geographical scope and operational activity, as well as to treat all entities with whom they have any kind of professional relationship with respect, honesty, transparency and integrity. This includes all stakeholders. In this sense, this Code of Conduct for Customers, Suppliers and Partners is a guide for developing AXENT’s services and operations in an ethical and responsible manner, applying and demanding high standards of integrity in all relationships with stakeholders.

Code of Ethics and Compliance

Axent’s Code of Ethics and Compliance sets out the commitments, values, principles and basic guidelines adopted by the company since its foundation. Integrity, honesty, fair treatment and full compliance with legal regulations are the benchmark in Axent’s business practices in the performance of its activity and in all its lines of business. The purpose of this code is to define professional, ethical and responsible behaviour that is mandatory for the entire company. Axent has provided all its staff and partners with a channel to obtain information and/or report confidentially any possible breaches of the Code of Ethics or any applicable regulations, through the following email: