Quality infrastructures for critical services

24×7 NOC

Electrical autonomy

Temperature and Humidity Control

Axent’s data centres allow Telecom Operators, companies and Cloud providers to house their equipment in a secure place with strict energy, humidity and temperature controls. Access to these centres is 24×7, with an advanced identification system to guarantee security. We also guarantee the power supply, with backup systems in case of power failure, with autonomy of over 6 hours.

Hyperconnected centres

Our centres are located throughout our fibre optic network. From these centres, our customers can improve the capillarity of their network and connect to the main traffic points with capacities of up to 400Gbps.

Business flexibility

Axent offers the possibility of installing racks for its customers. Our customers can choose to rent an entire rack or choose smaller spaces (½ rack, ⅓ rack).

Technical features

  • Edge data centres located throughout Axent’s network
  • Possibility of contracting a rack or reserving space (footprint)
  • Energy metered and billed according to PUE or included in the price
  • Power supply with backup
  • AC and DC power supplies available
  • 24×7 security and surveillance
  • Telecontrol system
  • Direct access by the customer with security protocols and digitalised processes.
  • Response guaranteed in less than 2 hours