Dark Fibre

Building the best national and international connectivity

Underground fibre network

Over 5,300 km of fibre

Over 60 network nodes

The dark fibre service allows our customers to adapt their communication needs according to traffic demand and scale their network. Axent offers an end-to-end service including in-line amplifiers (ILAs), 24x7x365 incident management and a team of professionals that accompanies the customer at all stages of the project.

Advantages of our service

Proprietary management network

We believe that in order to be agile and provide a quality service, it is best to have control of our network without going through intermediate layers.

Number of pairs and growth

We deploy our network with the future in mind, so we consider it important to have enough pairs for future demand.
In addition, we have the ability to deploy new, higher-capacity cables over our ducts.

Exclusive, interconnected routes

We believe that our customers are seeking greater diversity in their routes to ensure that their connectivity is always available.

For international connections, our network is connected with different partners in order to reach more traffic points.

Optimised for long distance

Axent’s fibre makes it possible to connect data centres with minimal attenuation and with regeneration sites built into our network without having to detour to urban centres.

Technical features

  • ITU G-652.D dark fibre
  • Underground fibre network
  • Over 5,300 km of fibre over proprietary infrastructure
  • 60+ proprietary in-line amplifiers
  • Expert engineering team to implement new customised routes
  • 24/7/365 multilingual operations centre
  • Reflectometric testing (OTDR) prior to delivery
  • Strict control of attenuation values and merging and splicing losses

Flexible contracting

  • Long-term contracts under IRU conditions
  • Rent from 12 to 60 months


  • Connected to major Data Centres and submarine cable stations
  • International interconnection points to Portugal (Ayamonte, Badajoz) and France (Biriatou, Somport and Le Perthus)